HTML5 Video Background WordPress Plugin


HTML5 Video Background is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add video to your site’s background with a single javascript call. The script automatically chooses what video format to use and checks if your site is being seen from a mobile device and shows poster image if it isn’t possible to have video playing as a background. It has also a flash fallback if user system doesn’t support HTML5 video tag.

The jQuery version of this plugin is now available.

Features Included:

  • Plug and Play wordpress plugin
  • HTML5 / YouTube videos are supported
  • Simple javascript call
  • Global / Site-Wide video background
  • Post/Page video background meta box
  • Video Background Shortcode to add dynamically
  • Mobile support
  • Flash fallback
  • Parallax effect
  • Inline usage for small videos
  • Fixed position (follows page scrolling)
  • Absolute position (inside a div)
  • Maintains aspect ratio and centers video
  • Autoplay, loop, mute, volume parameters
  • Background pattern overlay option over the video
  • Poster image for not video supporting browser
  • Works in every major browser
  • Callback function, redirect URL support after the video ends
  • Public API to control the video externally (play, pause, rewind, mute, unmute, show, hide)